Members of CIA (Center for Isotope Analysis)

Current Graduate Students:

Elliot Mares-Manton – He is a Masters student in SESE and is working on stardust grains in meteorites.

Additional Graduate Students associated with CIA

Chanel Vidal – She is a PhD candidate in SESE and doing her second project on oxygen isotopic evolution in micrometeorites during thermal and aqueous processing.

Tyler Quigley – He is a PhD student in the School of Life Sciences. He uses the NanoSIMS to understand the dynamics of molecular transport across the blood-brain barrier of the honeybee worker.

Current Undergraduate Students:

Lucas Reynoso – He is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Sustainability. He is in the Honors College and a National Hispanic Merit Scholar. His interests lie in ocean worlds focusing on the dwarf planet, Ceres, and developing the methodology to prepare analog salts for NanoSIMS analysis without sample degradation. He also is an avid cyclist and pianist and can be found making beats in his free time.

Jonas Hallstrom – He is a senior majoring in Physics. He is also a member of Barrett, the Honors College and a National Merit Scholar. He is interested in programming applications in physics and math, and in materials of all kinds, including extraterrestrial materials. He is currently working on thermal models for Itokawa-like bodies. He enjoys singing, board games, and cats.

Natalie Figuero – She is a junior in Barrett the Honors College majoring in Electrical Engineering and Physics. Her work in the group was to master the use of the micromanipulator and use it to mount Itokawa grains for H analyses.

Jacob Eaton – He is a junior Engineering student with a concentration in Astronautics.  He is very interested in potential applications for machine learning and artificial intelligence in space exploration and research. His interests lie in understanding the formation of organosulfurs in meteorites.

Ramsey Joseph – He is a senior in SESE majoring in Astrobiology. His current research focus is on the oxygen isotopic composition of unmelted Antarctic micrometeorites. In his free time, he enjoys stargazing, tabletop gaming, and soccer.

Makayla Joplin – She is a senior in SESE (Astrobiology major). She is interested in exoplanets, both finding them and studying any for potential habitability. She enjoys art, video games, and science fiction movies. She will be doing her research on Ceres analog materials.

Past Postdoctoral Scholars:

Dr. Ziliang Jin received his Ph.D. at the China University of Geosciences, Beijing. He also worked as a guest scientist in the GeoForschung Zentrum (GFZ) 1280HR SIMS lab in Potsdam, Germany. His postdoctoral research work at ASU focused on the study of water and hydrogen isotopic compositions in anhydrous minerals from the asteroid Itokawa and ordinary chondrites using the NanoSIMS 50L. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the Macau University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Timothy Hahn received his Ph.D. at Washington University in St. Louis in 2019. His Ph.D. research emphasized comparative planetology among differentiated bodies, including the Moon and Vesta, through photometric investigation of planetary surfaces and sample analysis of representative achondrites (i.e., lunar and HED meteorites). His postdoctoral research at ASU focused on nominally anhydrous minerals in achondrite parent body crusts and mantles. He is currently a Research Scientist with JACOBS at Johnson Space Center.

Past Graduate Students (associated with CIA since 2017):

Brandon Hasty – He is a PhD candidate in SESE and did his second project on organosulfurs in carbonaceous chondrite meteorites.

Ashley Herbst – She is a PhD candidate in SESE and doing her second project on understanding the nature of salts in the ordinary chondrite Sidi El Habib.

Dr. Qian Yuan –  He is a Postdoctoral scholar at Caltech.

Dr. Zebadiah Teichert – He is currently a staff research scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, managing a Cameca 1280 instrument.

Tarisa RossShe received her Masters degree and is currently a PhD student at Virginia Tech.

Dr. Kara Brugman – She is currently a postdoctoral scholar at the Carnegie Institute.

Dr. Hannah Shamloo – She is a faculty at Central Washington University as an Assistant Professor.

Sarah Dillon – She got her Masters degree and is currently working at Micron Technology Inc.

Dr. Jonathan Zaloumis – He is currently a postdoctoral scholar at Arizona State University.

Past Undergraduate Students:

Haimant Ishan – His research involves using supernova models to understand the compositions of isotopically anomalous stardust grains.

Eric Chaides – They helped make a schedule and a teaching plan for a Research Experience for online Astrophysics students.

Thomas Redford – He is currently a PhD student in University of Hawaii, Manoa.

Donovan Gapinski – He worked on stardust from core-collapse supernovae and continuing his degree at Barrett Honors College, majoring in Physics and minor in Astrophysics.

Siena Smania – Siena worked with me on organic compounds in meteorites, and is a junior in SESE.

Caitlin Gilbert-Kroen – She graduated from SESE with a concentration in Astrobiology.

Jack Schulte – He is currently a PhD student in Physics & Astronomy at Michigan State University.

Victoria Froh – She graduated in 2021 and decided to take a break before graduate school.

Ethan Duncan – He is currently a Masters student in Data Science at Virginia State University.

Kathleen Muloma-Rink – She worked with me on undergraduate research from 2020-2021 through the Simons-NSBP program, and is currently a doctoral student in Chemistry at University of California, Berkeley.

Sonakshi Sharma – She worked with me on undergraduate research from 2020-2021 and is continuing her studies in SESE.

Matthew Bryce Rombaoa – He is a senior at Barrett majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Psychology.

Kacey Armbruster