Members of CIA (Center for Isotope Analysis)

Current Graduate Students:

Tarisa RossTarisa is from Tacoma, Washington State. She received her Bachelors in physics from Howard University, and is currently working on a Master of Earth Science from North Carolina Central University. She likes to collect gemstones, cook, watch anime, stargaze and grow plants. She is also in the process of re-learning how to play the flute. Tarisa is a 2021 Simons-NSBP scholar and will work with Dr. Bose on carbon and phosphorus in micrometeorites for her Masters thesis.

Current Undergraduate Students:

Lucas Reynoso – He is a junior studying Aerospace Engineering and minoring in Sustainability. He is in the Honors College and a National Hispanic Merit Scholar. His interests lie in studying the salts found on the dwarf planet, Ceres, and developing the methodology to prepare salts for NanoSIMS analysis without sample degradation. He also is an avid cyclist and pianist and can be found making beats in his free time.

Jonas Hallstrom – He is a senior majoring in Physics. He is also a member of Barrett, the Honors College and a National Merit Scholar. He is interested in programming applications in physics and math, and in materials of all kinds, including extraterrestrial materials. He enjoys singing, board games, and cats.

Matthew Bryce Rombaoa – He is a junior at Barrett majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Psychology. He is working with postdoctoral scholar Timothy Hahn to develop a model that examines nebular ingassing during planetary accretion. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, and guitar.

Thomas Redford – He is senior with a major in Math. His interests lie in understanding the formation of organic materials in stellar environments and in meteorites. Outside of research, he loves to play chess.

Donovan Gapinski – He is a junior at Barrett Honors College, majoring in Physics. His interests lie in stellar astrophysics and will work on stardust from core-collapse supernovae. Outside of research, his interests include reading, board and video games, and learning dead languages.

Kacey Armbruster – She is a senior biochemistry student. Before coming to ASU, she served in the Navy for 8 years as an intelligence analyst. She is creating a database of all organic compounds isolated in meteorites, and will model the amount of organic precursors delivered to proto-Earth. She is involved with the School of Molecular Science’s JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) program and passionate about inclusivity in STEM.

Jacob Eaton – He is a sophomore Aerospace Engineering student with a concentration in Astronautics.  He is very interested in potential applications for machine learning and artificial intelligence in space exploration and research. He will create illustrations and videos on the NanoSIMS ion optics for the group website.

Siena Smania – Siena is a junior in SESE with a concentration in Astrobiology and Biogeosciences, and a minor in French. Their research interests lie in the study of the composition of planets and small planetary bodies and in their research, they will be investigating presolar grains in meteorites. Outside of research, they can be found with their nose in a fantasy book, playing video games, or learning another language.

Caitlin Gilbert-Kroen – They are a senior in SESE with a concentration in Astrophysics. Their interests lie in instrumentation and the life cycles of stars. They are also interested in reading and music. They are creating a database of meteorite samples for the Bose lab.

Skylar Perry

Ramsey Joseph

Current Graduate Students (associated with CIA since 2017):

Zebadiah Teichert – He is a PhD student in SESE. His interest is in using lithium and boron to trace the thermal history of  terrestrial kerogen and shales to understand oil production.

Tyler Quigley – He is a PhD student in the School of Life Sciences. He is interested in understanding the dynamics of molecular transport across the blood-brain barrier of the honeybee worker.

Jonathan Zaloumis – His PhD research is to understand preserved microbial fossils in deep drill cores of serpentine from Oman and Atacama rocks that has strong implications for the sampling strategy for the upcoming Mars rover.

Qian Yuan –  He is a PhD student in SESE and is studying lithium-isotope fractionation recorded in multiple episodes of humites during carbonate metasomatism.

Ashley Herbst – She is a PhD candidate in SESE and doing her second project on the measurement of lithium in stardust grains.

Brandon Hasty – He is a PhD candidate in SESE and doing his second project on organosulfurs in carbonaceous chondrite meteorites.

Past Postdoctoral Scholars:

Dr. Ziliang Jin received his Ph.D. at the China University of Geosciences, Beijing. He also worked as a guest scientist in the GeoForschung Zentrum (GFZ) 1280HR SIMS lab in Potsdam, Germany. His postdoctoral research work at ASU focused on the study of water and hydrogen isotopic compositions in anhydrous minerals from the asteroid Itokawa and ordinary chondrites using the NanoSIMS 50L. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the Macau University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Timothy Hahn received his Ph.D. at Washington University in St. Louis in 2019. His Ph.D. research emphasized comparative planetology among differentiated bodies, including the Moon and Vesta, through photometric investigation of planetary surfaces and sample analysis of representative achondrites (i.e., lunar and HED meteorites). His postdoctoral research at ASU focused on nominally anhydrous minerals in achondrite parent body crusts and mantles. He is currently a Research Scientist with JACOBS at Johnson Space Center.

Past Graduate Students (associated with CIA since 2017):

Dr. Kara Brugman – She is currently a postdoctoral scholar at the Carnegie Institute.

Dr. Hannah Shamloo – She is currently a NSF Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow, working at Oregon State University and will be joining the faculty at Central Washington University as an Assistant Professor.

Sarah Dillon – She got her Masters degree and is currently working at Micron Technology Inc.

Past Undergraduate Students:

Jack Schulte – He worked with me on undergraduate research from 2018-2021, and is currently a PhD student in Physics & Astronomy at Michigan State University.

Victoria Froh – She worked with me on undergraduate research from 2019-2021, and is currently working on pristine micrometeorites from Antarctica.

Ethan Duncan – He worked with me on undergraduate research from 2019-2021, and is currently a Masters student in Data Science at Virginia State University.

Kathleen Muloma-Rink – She worked with me on undergraduate research from 2020-2021 through the Simons-NSBP program, and is currently a doctoral student in Chemistry at University of California, Berkeley.

Sonakshi Sharma – She worked with me on undergraduate research from 2020-2021, when she developed a model that examines the thermal history of asteroids.